Modern health-care clinic

that uses Indigenous and Traditional Chinese healing method and Dietary/Nutritional Food to treat various Life threatening ailments.

Treatment & Remedies

such that your body starts healing itself and rejects diseases and disease-causing organism, thereby keeping you in a state of wellness.

Complete Health Maintenance

We use 100% Vegetarian ingredients that works synergistically together complementing and intensifying the effect.

PickN Nature Clinic Specializes

General Body Maintenance
Weight Loss/Tommy Reduction
Green Body Reset
Beauty Therapy
Mobile Clinic
Comprehensive Health Analysis
Body Massage
Cupping massage/Deep tissue work

100% Natural Therapies to renew the cell

Here at PickN Nature Clinic, Your Health is Our Concern

PickN Nature Clinic 100% Natural Therapies is a Modern healthcare Clinic situated in a serenus environment with nature at it’s very best for the wellbeing of our clients /patients respectively.
Come and experience Nature in and out, we offer qualitatively and quantitative services to all our client/Patient around the globe.

Have you always wonder why people complain of ill health? Because we refuse to drink enough water to keep the body system hydrated, 85% of the human body contains water.

So if you don’t constantly replenish the level of water in the body on daily basis, your body automatically get dehydrated n prone to illness due to in sufficient water content. you could supply your body system through fruits such as Cucumber, Watermelon etc. these fruits are high densed water content as well as Vitamins & Minerals.


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Quick facts about our clinic

See what we provide for your health

Certified Doctors
We have certified and trained professionals with the right knowledge to give your body and health all it takes to be renewed
Mobile/Fast Response
We respond fast to your health issues and we also undertake house/office services
Natural medicine
Nutritional /Herbal both Indigenous & Chinese Medicine to treat and maintain the your Health issues.

Opening hours

We are available for consultation, treatment and other health related services on the below days and hours.

Monday – Sundays