About PickN Nature Clinic


PickN Nature Clinic is a Modern health-care clinic that uses Indigenous and Traditional Chinese healing method and Dietary/Nutritional Food to treat various Life threatening ailments.

We use mainly modern bio-tech machines and natural herbs to put your body in a state, such that your body starts healing itself and rejects diseases and disease-causing organism, thereby keeping you in a state of wellness.

We use 100% Vegetarian ingredients that works synergistically together complementing and intensifying the beneficial effect of each individual ingredients.

Our services are without borders

You make an appointment with us to visit our clinic or you can call in for outdoor services, as we have trained medical team to undertake outdoor services at your own convenient.


To use 100% Natural Therapies to renew the cell, revive & restore the health of Clients, including the once with supposedly “Hopeless medical case.


To be African No1 Complementary /Alternative Medicine Clinic.

Mobile Clinic

Get in touch with us and let’s show you how concern we are in keeping you healthy and staying alive.
Outdoor Services available in Our Mobile Clinic.



It includes supplementing with Vitamins & Minerals, Herbs preparation from Veggies Therapies & Medicinal plants.

The use of Modern Acupressure /Massaging Machines, Far-Infrared /Magnetic Therapy to effective treatment.

Massage Cupping/Vacuum Therapies/Techniques (Dispersing Stagnation & Stimulating Blood Flow).

Dietary Services (Providing Nutritional Assessment, Dietary Advice, Education & Evaluation).

Continuously improve all our Services through quality Management.

To ensure that decision regarding delivery of Care/Services are Client Focused.