Our offer

General Body Maintenance

Serving & cleansing major internal Organs, using modern bio-tech machines & Nutritional /herbs to receive & renew these organs.


The use of Acupuncture to treat several dis-ease without the use of drugs e.g Arthritis. Stroke, infertility, ulcer, infections Goiter, Prostate, Prostatitis etc

Weight Loss/Tommy Reduction

Effective weight management programme that makes you lose weight & reduce protrude Tommy conveniently without side effect.

Green Body Reset

We use complete nutritional /natural Therapy to reset your body system to the way God place it to be originally.

Beauty Therapy

We can help to remove wrinkles, stretchmarks, eyes bag etc through the use of our facial detox bio-tech machines & Nutritional food/ therapy that will make your beauty radiate naturally.

Comprehensive Health Analysis

We expertly use the Magnetic Resonance Body/Organ Analyser to give you a detail and concise report of your health status.

Mobile Clinic

We render complete outdoor Health-care services to Homes, Offices, Schools, Churches, Groups, Associations, Corporate bodies (Staff,Employees,Directors)as well as Manufacturing Company’s(Factory Workers etc).


We make use of our modern bio-tech machines to detect Cancerous cells early & Treat them quickly.


Impotence, Weak Erection & Low sperm count…we use Nutritional /Herbal both Indigenous & Chinese Medicine to treat and maintain the men’s Health issues.

Cupping massage/Deep tissue work

We do both fire and non-fire cupping with special healing cups & essential oils that help to lift body tissue up, thereby allowing proper blood flow by eliminating blood stagnation, congestion, old blood in the tissue, clearing smoke out of the lungs, dispersing inflammation and creating dilation & helping your lymphatic system.

Body Massage

We relax your nerves and reduce stress, tensions, back pain, disk pain both upper & lower back and general body through thrapictic healing hands/ machines.

Indoor Training

Indoor Training available with LSTMB Certification & License to operate on your own (upon meeting all requirements)